The Golden Legend


This significant publication is a comprehensive record of all the rood screens of East Anglia, arranged by Saints names. It gives an iconographic description of the images; it will be an invaluable work of reference. Publication Summer 2023. Over 300 subscription copies have now been sold, and you can buy now to be added to the list of subscribers which will be published in the book.
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From the Preface by Anthony Delarue:

The motivation for this work was to provide a canon of English Catholic iconography for modern artists working in the decoration of Catholic churches in 21st century England. This ambitious aim has, I believe, been amply fulfilled in this volume.
I was privileged, while working on the plans for the Catholic Basilica at Walsingham, to be invited to work alongside artists on the development of a contemporary mosaic style, hopefully in time to become a tradition. It became rapidly very evident, by the constant reference which must necessarily be made in this field to Southern Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean as the source of iconographic inspiration, that there was a great hole in the heart of English religious art. This hole was shaped like the Ranworth Angel, and rudely cut out with the axes and knives of protestant iconoclasts. We are immeasurably grateful to those who have responded to the call to work on this volume, the author, the photographers and designer who painstakingly, to continue the analogy, with the sable brushes of their learning and skill, have painted back into our hearts the missing heads and wings of this rich world of devotional imagery….

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