Alone the Curlew Cried


“The pathway is the dream of innocence.
We lose our way, the path is ill-defined;
But seek again for what’s been lost
And reclaim that purity of mind.”

A collection of poems written and illustrated by Peter Upton, reflecting his deep and knowledgeable love for country life and sports, as well as a thoughtful curiosity for place and character.

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This illustrated collection of poems is a celebration of that much desired luxury, time: time to observe and learn, time to enjoy and time to reflect. As his memoir A Wiltshire Childhood showed, Peter’s education in the fields and woods have left him with an impressive knowledge of the ways of the countryside and the habits of the wild. This knowledge informs both his writing and his sketching, complementary and eloquent vehicles of observation and appreciation.

Added to this is a natural curiosity combined with an instinctive love of beauty, whether in a damp and misty Wiltshire field at the start of a day’s hunting or in the sun-bleached plains of central Spain, where the old castle walls radiate the history of past wars. The collection is divided into “Sporting Days”, “Country Ways”, “Wanderings” and “Pursuit of Dreams”, all charmingly illustrated by Peter in pen and ink.

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