Life is like a banana


Born in 1931, artist and philosopher Tony Wilson has kept diaries since the
1980s and for the first time ever, a selection is being published. With philosophical musings and artworks, and an insight into the workings of an
artistic and extraordinary mind, Life is Like a Banana will be published by
Anthony Eyre in July.

‘Tony Wilson’s achievement reminds us that age, like other things, used to stereotype us, is misleading. People can burst into creativity when old’ Times Literary Supplement


Tony Wilson’s life and artistic development is documented through paintings, sketches and intellectual reflections, and in Life is Like a Banana, the reader accompanies him on his travels through the decades; whether it’s around Bradford-on-Avon, or further afield in Turkey and Ireland. The simplicity of Tony Wilson’s watercolour paintings, where at times only a few brushstrokes are used, perfectly convey the fullness of living.
The book reveals Tony’s personal life – the documentation of his life’s loves, whether that’s his grandchildren, his wife Pat or his dog Rufus. But it also captures global concerns, such as his thoughts on the pandemic or his commitment to understanding how society functions.
The book is filled with quotes, diagrams and observations, many of which highlight his Assembly and Performance Thinking – the basis of his previous book The Wheels of Society, which the TLS described as an ‘erudite critique of individualistic political philosophy… short and wise, lithely grasping three ideas that academia is belatedly struggling to digest.’
Life is Like a Banana is a journey through space and time, and with Tony Wilson’s arresting watercolours on every page, this is a collector’s item for art and philosophy lovers alike.

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