A Wiltshire Childhood


This is a warmly evocative account of an idyllic childhood, growing up on the land, in a balanced world where humanity co-existed with nature, and youthful curiosity could ceaselessly explore and discover. Beautifully illustrated by Peter Upton.

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‘All about were the rich harvests of Nature…’

This book describes the lost world of Peter Upton’s childhood in rural Wiltshire when, growing up with his twin brother Roger, ‘surrounded by simple and natural beauty’, life was ‘one long timeless idyll’ and ‘each day and season brought the thrill of new discoveries’.

Isolated from the brutality of World War Two, the country had returned to an earlier time: working horses reclaiming many mechanised jobs and men and women living in harmony with the natural world.

In words and drawings, Peter Upton has eloquently described that rural upbringing—combining the eye of the artist with the freshness and innocence of youthful observation.

In describing this vanished world he has endeavoured to “let my writing dwell on happy days”. The result is like the memory of a never-ending summer’s afternoon.

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