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House of Sandys: Fragments from the Ombersley Court Archive by Martin Davis tells the story, both of a building with its collections, and of an extended family over a 400-year period. From Worcestershire in the middle of England, individual members travelled to Italy, Brazil, Russia, India and Africa, and left a rich legacy of journals, letters and albums, found at Ombersley on the last occupant’s death in 2015.

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A line of families connected with Ombersley Court, Worcestershire over a period of four centuries is what constitutes House of Sandys.

Sandys gentry arrived around 1600; they rebuilt the Court in the 1700s and were ennobled; the Barony was revived in the 1800s, and in the 1900s a ‘torn and desolate’ inheritance was held together for longer than predicted.

With the death of the 7th Baron’s widow in 2015, the time of Sandys ran out, and gathered-together fragments of the house’s history made their way to Worcestershire Archives: in sampling those fragments, this book assembles a large cast of men and women with walk-on parts (sometimes more) in Britain’s historical pageant. Some members of the privileged House of Sandys, as is par for the course, behaved badly, but in the main, having undertaken and discharged responsibilities, endured sadnesses and lavished love, they merit this epitaph.

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