Peter the Power Chair’s Birthday Bash


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A note from the Author Dear Readers, Are you new to the disability world? Do you know anyone old or young affected by mobility problems either in the short or long term? I have a little something to keep you smiling on those dark days. I hope you enjoy, with love from Lily Oxoxoxoxoxo “It was 7AM on Tuesday 4th April 2017 and the sun was trying hard to peep through the curtains of Mr James Green’s bedroom. Mr Green is a very good looking guy. The ladies whisper and giggle at the sight of his dreamy blue eyes and his husky voice. ‘Good morning’ said a very cheerful and upbeat carer named Summer, as she walked into James’ bedroom. ‘Morning’ James replied sleepily….” Why does James need a carer? And why is his room full of things like wheelchairs and walking frames? He suffers from cerebral palsy, “So James has all kinds of aids to help him in everyday life. Without them he would be lost, I mean, REALLY lost…” This is the story of how all those aids have a secret life of their own. Once the humans have left the room they get up to all sorts of antics. Sammy the Shower Sling flirts outrageously with Sarah the All Day Sling, Zac the Zimmer Frame has races with Stanley and Steff the Sticks. The story comes to a climax with the Birthday Bash for Peter the Power Chair. Beautifully illustrated by Julia Whatley. 160x216mm,48pp, paperback ISBN 978-0-95126-647-2


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